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We help unlock your plan so that you can meet your goals.  We place you at the centre of everything we do. 

We place you at the centre of everything that we do.

About Purple Patch

When someone says you’re in a purple patch, it means you are in a good place – somewhere we want you to be!

We are led by Cindy Wieman, Occupational Therapist.  Cindy was inspired by her Grandma in her choice of name and brand.  The colour purple was Cindy’s Grandma’s favourite colour – she was a special education teacher and an inspirational person in her life, so it’s a tribute to her .

Purple Patch Therapy was established in 2019, rebranding from a previous company.  We are happy to be serving people who have NDIS plans., in the Perth Metropolitan region.

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We are an NDIS registered organisation.  We have registration through the NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Commission. Our NDIS provider number is 4050060227.

Our therapists have AHPRA registration (where applicable) and are members of their relevant professional bodies. 


Our Team

We only have the best people. We support our people to be the best they can be, so they can serve you better.  We aim to be an employer of choice so that you get continuity and consistency from us. 

CINDY WIEMAN, Clinical Director

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science (OT) from Curtin University in 1999. My passion has been working with people with disability throughout my career. I have a strong sense of social justice and have had the opportunity to assist people toward greater equality through my work. I’ve been working in private practice for 10 years, with Purple Patch Therapy being my first solely owned practice. PBS and Specialist Support Coordination are my areas of special interest.

I really enjoy assisting therapists to develop skills and to provide excellent service to the people we support. I want to offer staff the same support to grow and develop skills as we offer our clients.  I am excited about supporting Purple Patch Therapy to be the provider of choice for people with disability in Western Australia.

LOUISE JOHNSTONE, Senior Occupational Therapist

I graduated from Curtin University in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science (Occupational Therapy) and Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood). During my time as an occupational therapist, I have worked across a range of settings in Australia and the United Kingdom, including community mental health, neurorehabilitation, and disability. I loved each of my different roles and the varied experiences they provided.

I enjoy building relationships with individuals and their families. I believe the best therapy is the result of a collaborative approach involving shared decision-making, coordination, and cooperation.

I also have a strong interest in social justice, access, and inclusion. As a result, I always endeavour to promote fairness for individuals and the wider community. I am currently on the Access and Inclusion Advisory Group for the City of Belmont. 


I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy in 2018. I have had experience in both public and private areas of occupational therapy. Previous to completing my degree I worked as a disability support worker with both children and adults. I have a wealth of experience in the disability sector, particularly with Autism, Intellectual Disability, Acquired Brain Injuries and Physical Disabilities.

I am passionate about improving the health and quality of life of people through participation and engagement in meaningful occupations, activities and tasks. I believe in inclusion and advocation for those that have significant challenges in their life and hope to prevent social injustices from occurring.


I am a Provisional Psychologist who is working towards becoming a fully Registered Psychologist. I studied a Bachelor of Psychology at Curtin University and graduated in 2020. I have previous experience in trauma-related counselling and disability support.

My interest in Psychology and the Disability Sector stems from my passion to work collaboratively with clients to enable them to rediscover a sense of hope and meaning in their lives. I strive to provide a safe, non-judgmental and compassionate space for clients to explore and discuss their circumstances and problems that they may be facing.

My work is based on a Positive Behaviour Support approach, where the goal is to improve a person’s quality of life. This approach allows me to work collaboratively with clients to identify barriers in their lives, and to develop strategies that will overcome these barriers and build on their existing skills and strengths. 



CHANTELLE HABIB, Support Coordinator

I have been working in the disability sector for 15 years. I began working with children in their classrooms in mainstream schools before moving to schools catering to children with special needs.   I became a support worker after moving to WA, helping young adults living day to day in their home, as well helping the older generation strive to live their best life possible. 

I have always loved helping people find their “Happy” and making ways for their best life to happen. There is no greater reward than seeing their joy and hearing their stories.

I have experience in ABA therapy, Support Work and Positive Behaviour Support.

Supporting people, and working together with their support team, is what I strive for. Making changes for the positive is my “Happy”.


SARAYA BOWLZER, Occupational Therapist

I am an Occupational Therapist from England and completed my bachelor’s degree at Coventry University, United Kingdom in 2015. I have 4 years’ experience working as a community Occupational Therapist with adults who have a range of learning and physical disabilities. I specialised in capacity building and specialist adaptive equipment.

I have a strong interest in equality in the healthcare system and holistic practice. I enjoy building relationships, achieving person-centred goals and improving people’s quality of life and independence.

I spent a few years travelling around Southeast Asia and the different states of Australia, adapting and acknowledging different cultures and ways of life, which is another interest of mine. When I’m not working, you’ll find me either at the gym, socialising with friends or at the beach.

ARYA ABISHEK, Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner | Social Worker

I am an AASW accredited Social Worker, with qualifying Master’s in Social Work from University of Western Australia, and Bachelor’s in Management Studies from Mahatma Gandhi University. I am grateful to be a Social Worker and always felt destined to be working in this role. I am passionate about working with vulnerable people and determined to support and bring positive changes.

I have got a diverse background, working in both corporate and community sectors have given me greater systemic understanding and I value micro level work. I have got exposure working with- children in care, high-risk families, age-care, youth work, disability, therapeutic case management, and behavior support. I come from a multi-cultural background, which empowers me to be sensitive with different cultures and safe practices. My area of interest includes trauma, mental health, neurological and intellectual disability, and sensory/ physical impairment.

SAMUEL ADEIFE, Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner | Social Worker

Hailing from Nigeria with a culturally diverse background, I am deeply rooted in the values of family and community, which shape my worldview. After earning a degree in Economics, I pursued a Master of Social Work at Griffith University here in Australia, driven by my belief in the transformative power of service to humanity.

With over five years of hands-on experience in direct support for individuals with disabilities, I bring invaluable insights and empathy to my role as a Behaviour Support Practitioner here at Purple Patch Therapy. I am dedicated to advocating for their needs and fostering independence and empowerment in those I serve.

Based in our Kimberley regional office in Kununurra, I provide comprehensive behavioural support alongside social work services, striving to enhance the wellbeing of our community members.

Outside of work, my passion for the outdoors takes me on adventures across Australia, from spirited sports competitions to serene beach escapes and memorable road trips. I have traversed the vast landscapes of this beautiful country, except for Tasmania, fuelling my passion for exploration and discovery.

NICOLA WATT, Specialist Support coordinator

I am a Social Worker, having completed my Bachelor of Social Work at the University of New South Wales in 1986. I have worked in a range of social work roles with a particular focus on working with people with severe and complex mental health issues, families requiring specialised support to keep their children safe, and with people socially and economically disadvantaged.

I have also held positions of Sessional Academic at Curtin University, Trainer with the Western Australian Association for Mental Health, Community Appeals Member (Department of Housing), Independent Standards Monitor (Disability Services Commission), Member – Social Security Appeals Tribunal, and Member – Mental Health Review Tribunal (NSW).

I have always enjoyed my work in the range of roles I have held as a Social Worker. I see my role as being to support people to have the life they wish, to assist them to overcome barriers to this, and to access whatever is required to have this life. My person centred approach means that I take time to get to know people, and to find out what is important to the individual.

I am strongly committed to a just and fair society and will work alongside individuals, services and communities to achieve this.



SANDRA GONZALEZ, Allied Health Assistant + Administration Assistant

Sandra is our amazing Allied Health Assistant and our whizz bank Administration Assistant – look out for her bio, coming soon! 

sIMONE FONCECA, Positive Behaviour Support Practitoner | Provisional Psychologist

I graduated from Curtin University, with a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) and a Bachelor of Commerce (Human Resource Management/Industrial Relations) in 2018, then obtained my Bachelor of Psychology in 2019. I am now a Provisionally Registered Psychologist  undertaking the 4+2 pathway and a Registered Behaviour Support Practitioner at Core Level with the NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Commission. 

I have been fortunate enough to have a wide range of work experiences in the area of mental health care, including working in: psychosocial recovery-oriented support work; suicide prevention within a crisis line; early intervention co-facilitating play-based therapy workshops for children; inpatient mental health care within acute settings, facilitating both inpatient and day-patient group therapy programs; and within the NDIS providing both Positive Behaviour Support and Psychological services to individuals (both disability and children in care) with complex needs and behaviours. 



ANDREA ZAELL, Support Coordinator

I have a certificate 4 in disability and been working within the disability sector for over 8 years. Majority of my experience has been as a support worker. I saw challenges on a regular basis that the people I supported faced with NDIS and wanted to be in a role to assist and make changes.

That brought me into the role as a support coordinator in May 2021. I have experience working with a wide range of ages and different diagnosis both as a support worker and a coordinator. I bring my diverse experience while supporting people.


One of my special interests are working with children and supporting them and their families where I can. I enjoy working from a person centered approached and have vast experience working in a multistakeholder team. I really enjoy working collectively and encourage independence along with choice and control. I have experience working with rural communities and thinking creatively with limited resources.


When I am not working, you’ll find me walking my dog, doing arts and craft or in the kickboxing studio.

JASMIN CARRINGTON, Positive Behaviour Support Practitoner

I am AASW accredited Social Worker, having completed my studies at the University of Western Australia I was able to achieve a Bachelor’s in Arts in Psychology and graduated my Master of Social Work in 2018. I have extensive knowledge in the fields of Drug and Alcohol, Child Protection and service delivery within the NDIS, Mental Health and Aged Care sectors. It is my passion to work collaboratively with my organisation as well as the individuals, families and communities I support.

I am most passionate about fostering the independence of my clients, to build strong therapeutic relationships and delivering meaningful support so that my clients can achieve their goals and have a better quality of life. The drive for my passion really came from my early work in remote Western Australia, supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth and communities. It was here that I found a connection with the importance of supporting our young people and their families to develop a secure and culturally appropriate foundation to living healthier and safer lives. This experience has not only shaped the work I do now but the person I have become because of it, providing an understanding of the complexities and resilience of working with vulnerable people.

I am grateful to have gained the experience I have over the years of working in a variety of different fields within Social Work. I am looking forward to the journey and skills I will further develop as a Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner and hope to continue to utilise a person-centred and holistic approach to the work I deliver.

Personal side note: when I’m not in my usual social work attire you might catch me planning my next Japan trip, playing video games, listening to techno music and spending time with family and friends!

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