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Covid 19 Update – We’re back to full operations – but with enhanced social distancing and hand hygiene.

Given the current advice from our state government and our health departments suggesting the Covid 19 crisis has eased considerably for WA, we are now returning to more usual operations at Purple Patch Therapy. 

By usual operations, this means you can now choose to access our services face to face again.  Of course, we still have video health available if that is something you choose.  We have certainly found that video and phone calls has made us more productive as we the reduced time travelling can be used for support – so if you want your funding to stretch, that is always an option if the activity is appropriate for video or phone calls.  We will continue to operate paying attention to appropriate social distancing, careful hand hygiene and not attending if we are unwell. We’d also appreciate it if you would let us know if you are not well, we can move to video or phone call or reschedule our appointment.  If you or anyone in your family travel outside of WA at all (unlikely as that might be) we’d appreciate you not having any face to face appointment for two weeks after your or your family member’s return home. 

We encourage everyone to download the Covid Safe App, as we believe this will help keep our community safe.  We are confident that with the right approach taken by everyone in the community, we will shortly overcome the Covid 19 crisis and everything can return to normal.  

If you have any questions, or any suggestions, please contact your therapist, or Clinical director Cindy Wieman on 0499 775 272, or email


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