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Psychology and NDIS?

By Lauren Gangemi, Registered Psychologist

“And how does that make you feel… “ while you lay down in a clinical room talking to a stranger behind a note pad – nup, that won’t work for everyone! What an over stimulating environment for a person with sensory avoidance, or debilitating anxiety! Not to mention finding close enough parking, hiking upstairs, or needing to use a toilet cubical that just isn’t gonna cut it. 

People are diverse. People’s mental health needs in addition to diversity means we need to think outside the square. That’s exactly what we can do as psychologists under NDIS. 

Why is it so great, and so different to a Medicare mental health care plan?

  • Under the NDIS your psychologist can come to you, to where you feel most comfortable.
  • Your psychologist can do more things – want them to suss out your workplace? School? Come visit Mum? Need an assessment done? The NDIS allows for all of this. 
  • You can get more than 10 standard psychology sessions 
  • Psychologists who are NDIS registered are experts in the area of diversity 
  • Your team can work all together – multidisciplinary, and across all your important people 

Psychology is a lot more than laying down and answering how things make you feel too. Psychologists work on a wide range of stressors individuals face from time to time, or daily. Things as simple as getting a good sleep, and as complex to digging all the way down to core beliefs and cognitive distortions. However big or small, they can help with it all. Keeping the person and diversity at the centre means that it’s possible to tweak and tailor intervention styles to make sure it’s the best fit, and most meaningful. Psychology as a creative science, and very person centred. 


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