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We accept referrals from individuals who are seeking support, or their carers, families or support coordinators. 

Purple Patch Referrals

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Our Referral Criteria:

It is important that we ‘stay in our lane’ when serving clients.  That means that we need to work with people who we have the right skills, resources and training to assist. 

We are registered to support people who have NDIS funding, or who self fund their therapy.  We don’t have private health,  Medicare or  Veteran’s registration. 

At Purple Patch Therapy, we have therapists who collectively have over 40 years experience working with adults and adolescents who have intellectual disability, neurological conditions, autism spectrum disorders or psychosocial disability.  We will primarily accept referrals for people over 14 years of age, as that is where our experience and expertise lies. 

We limit ourselves to working with people who live and work in the north east metropolitan region. This way we can reduce the cost of travel and the time our therapists are in their vehicles so that we can serve more people.  

So to recap:

  1. You have NDIS or are self funded for services.
  2. You are aged over 14 years.
  3. You have intellectual disability, neurological conditions, ASD or psychosocial disability.
  4. You live in the north-east metropolitan area of Perth.

If this sounds like you, or someone you care about or support, we may be a good fit for you, and you may want to consider sending a referral.

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